Financial Readiness is Key to Success

Staying organised and on top of paperwork can be tricky for entrepreneurs who already have dozens of other balls in the air.

Keeping track of financial documents and then needing to have up to date copies on hand when requested by lenders is a business owner’s worst nightmare. While securing finance may be critical to your business’s survival and growth, the thought of getting all the documents needed together can seem like a huge mountain to overcome.

Darlene Menzies, CEO of Finfind, South Africa’s leading online access to finance solution, encourages business owners to put a simple discipline in place in their business that will ensure that you are always well positioned to raise finance whenever you need it. Applying for funding takes time, and time is usually the very thing you don’t have when you’re needing finance. It make sense then that you should do everything possible before engaging lenders to be finance ready. Good preparation on the part of the finance seeker expedites the application process. Read and Listen here